Juniper – Breanne Marie & The Front Porch Sinners (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Playing what the band themselves call “Great Lakes country music,” Juniper is a wonderful collection of sounds garnered from country, bluegrass and folk all rearranged into their own alt-country style. It ranges from lilting and gentle acoustic balladry such as Hard Time, a song framed with the deftest and delicate arrangements and inclusions, to the jubilant Central Hillside and its more blustery, stomping beats.

Dead Man Walking shoots some European Gypsy Jazz vibes and spaghetti western spice through an upbeat country groove and the title track is a soulful and subtle, brooding and beautiful piece of acoustica.

It’s a great album, one which seems to join a lot of dots between various American roots styles as well as gathering around it, consciously or otherwise, sounds which would be at home in an English folk club too. Music used to be something connected with a place as much as anything else. Juniper proves that those days are gone and musicians are free to jump geography and genres, mix and match sounds and create new blends according to their own sonic recipes.

And that is exactly how music evolves and struts its path into the future. And the future is looking pretty interesting thanks to bands like Breanne Marie & The Front Porch Sinners.

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