Right Direction – 5ofclubs  ft. Josh Dreon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If pop music is all about addictive melodies and dance music is based on infectious beats then Right Direction is where the two worlds collide. The result is something which would feel as at home in the underground nightclubs as it would getting regular play on mainstream radio playlists. And that is a cool trick to be able to pull off, to be able to appeal to the dedicated denizens of the dance world as easily as the more casual pop-picker but that is certainly what is at the heart of this song.

And it almost didn’t happen. 5ofclubs as an artist grew out of a bucket list desire to learn and dabble with music production, a casual hobby which quickly became both an obsession and an escape from the mundane realities of life, something echoed in the lyrics of Right Direction. “Sometimes we have to lose ourselves just to find it all, ” and ain’t that the truth?

Right Direction is both a positive message and a positively groovesome tune, a great and often rare combination in a genre which tends to concentrate on throwaway fun rather than more meaningful lyrical philosophies. Perhaps this is the start of a new movement, philosophical EDM, music which is both instantly euphoric yet written with a more meaningful purpose. Forget Deep House music, this is Deep and Meaningful dance music.

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