Lost in A Moment – Socrates (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anything which immediately makes me think of Paul Simon has got to be good right? I’m not saying that Socrates is necessarily ploughing the same musical furrow, certainly not intentionally, but there is something of the ex-Mrs Garfunkel’s spirit and joyfulness in the songwriting. He might not be the coolest name to bandy about when talking about a modern, emerging singer-songwriter, but believe me that in certain circles his name is shorthand for quality songwriting. And that is exactly what is going on here.

Okay, let me step away from the easy namedrops and get on with job at hand. On Lost in A Moment  Socrates mixes a lovely nostalgic lyrical reflection with a wonderfully buoyant groove, which is a neat trick to pull off. Many approaching such a emotive subject would take a more musical melancholic route and that, in my opinion, would make for a much different song. With such a joyous tune to drive it the song becomes a celebration of someone that you still think about, the one that got away perhaps, and which revels in the fact that you knew them in the first place rather than dwelling on the fact that things have moved on. In short, celebrate the good things rather than dwell on the bad. And that is a lesson we could all do well to remember.

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