Returned Again – Sthica (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Returned Again is one of those songs which combines the simple joy of a song that you might hear being busked on the streets with the production values, the layering and textures of the modern studio. They say that the sign of a good song is that it can be reduced down to just a no-frills, acoustic rendition and it would still be as effective. This is one of those songs.

But this no mere street busk and I love the way that the song slowly cloaks itself in additional sonic trappings as it lilts and lulls its way to the finishing line. Some rattling percussion here, a slinky guitar riff there, some lush and laidback additional vocals and an understated bass line, all helping to build interest and intrigue along the way. By the time it gets to its logical conclusion you realise that you have just gone through a quick and concise, introductory master class in music editting and musical dynamics.

I certainly wasn’t expecting that three minutes ago!

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