Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Frally feat. Rufus Wainwright (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s amazing how just by slipping a song into a minor key and slowing things right down you can end up with a beguilingly different take on a well-known song. Even more surprising when you take an ultimate party song such as Cyndi Lauper’s incendiary pop anthem, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Here, Frally takes the song out of the Day-Glo, teen rebellion zone and re-invents it as a reflective and wistful lament. Without changing a word of the song, it seems to take on new meanings, is shrouded in loss and longing, shrouds itself in deeper emotion and more heartfelt vibes. It was always a great song but now it seems to have been given a new, and very different lease of life.

I always say that if you are going to cover a well-known song then you should either go for the most faithful tribute or a complete re-invention because the middle ground never seems to offer anything as exciting as those extremes. Oddly enough, here, Frally seems to be doing both. And doing so to fantastic effect.

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