On first listen the punningly named Reigning Nonsense might seem like a bit of light-hearted poppery but dig a little deeper and you find a relevant and relatable message. It’s a swipe at all those people who find it acceptable to fire off salvos of hate and abuse at anything that they see as different, non-conformist or just not to their taste. The anonymity of the internet doesn’t help but without the internet this music wouldn’t be sat before me now. Technology is just an excuse, people are the real problem.

Wrapping such ideas up in a cool song and sending it out into the world is the perfect response to the whole situation. The message is there if you want to take heed and if you don’t then you still have a great and groovesome song to brighten your day. I think they call that a win-win situation! And like everything that comes out of the Strangely Alright realm it’s a cool mix of the sonic familiarity of the past and a fresh taste of the modern world. A confidently striding pop-rock tune, resonant guitars, breezy brass stabs, gang vocals, strange, warped electronica softening the edges and an infectious beat. What more do you need? Well, how about a subtle, dynamic drop down into some sultry 60’s vocals as a soft and sensuous interlude? It’s got that too!

As always the band deliver that heady mix of a reimagined past and a bright new future all delivered in the here and now. I think they might be time-travellers…or maybe wizards!

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