Crazy Love  – Ranzel X Kendrick (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Another track from the Texas Cactus album and another slice of Kendrick’s trademark Freestyle Folk, his term for the blend of country and folk sounds that he weaves together to fashion his songs. As always things are straightforward, uncomplicated and honest, just a man and his guitar, the simplest of beats, some subtle extra tracking and the job is done. And it is that spacious approach towards the songs sonic adornment that puts it and the emotion front and centre, rather than being beguiled by various studio tricks and traps, you get to appreciate just how deft and well-wrought the writing itself is.

It also means that with the space to let the vocals do their thing in a fairly effortless and relaxed way, the emotion comes to the fore. This is a celebration of love after all, it should be all about emotion, and it is, but again unforced and natural. It is such an approach that reminds you why songs such as this are so effective, why the classic singer-songwriter sound has never really fallen out of fashion since artists such as Guthrie in the 50’s and Dylan a decade later really established the form. And if you are going to have reference points I can’t think of better than those two  from which to draw inspiration.

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