Beaux Atkins is a man seemingly happy with his place in the world and the first single from his new album Redfearn, Jesus Is On My Side, sums up his contentment with his life of multiple jobs, hard work, close family and live shows. Reuniting with many of the people that he called on to create the well-received Shout Hallelujah album, again he offers up a slice of southern fried rock and roll, one that takes in blues, folk, Americana and soul vibes, all the sounds and styles you would expect from southern man turned soon-to-be national treasure.

The title track is a spacious blues stomp through his family lineage, Put Me in My Right Mind is a sassy, funky celebration of coming home to the person who makes your day better and Goodbye Blues is wistful and reflective.

Perhaps saving the best until last, Come Out And Howl With Me Baby is where all of the above comes together in one final musical swanning. Bluesy, funky, euphoric, life-affirming, cool, celebratory  and full of neat vocal layers and gorgeous tones and textures, it is a song which seems to get to the heart of what Beaux is all about. If we know that he is someone who likes to work hard, this  song is the sound of him playing hard, and it sounds like the party that you don’t want to miss.

It’s a cool album, one that will appeal to a wide range of people, not just for its ability to mix, match and meld styles but because the songs found here are just so damned good.

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