Mixing cool neo-soul, rap, R&B, ambient electro vibes and no small amount of pop sensibility, Mars Took Over is the sound of a cultish, best kept secret artist who deserves to be mainstream. Not only mainstream but massive. There is just the right amount of nonchalance in her vocal delivery, not aloof or arrogant, far from it, more worldly and wise, relaxed and calm, like a traditional soul diva from times passed being reborn into the vocal cords of a cutting edge, digital music maker and passing on the words of wisdom, the creative baton. It’s a blend that is hard not to love.

Sunflower Head is a slow, shuffling and infectious groover, So Far So Good is the perfect example of how soul music has evolved and gone beguilingly slightly left field in the modern age and Void of Course takes that idea to its logical conclusion. A wild, free soul, digital anagram meets analogue experiment, gently chaotic, wonderfully cool and brilliantly engaging.

If you want to see where soul, R&B and even the more discerning end of pop and rap are going in the more creative quarters, this is it!

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