Red Moon Electra – New Key (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something unashamedly 80’s about New Key’s latest album, but that is okay, everyone is doing it, though I suspect that Onno, the man behind the musical mask, is doing what comes naturally to him rather than heading down this path as a way of surfing the current zeitgeist. Somewhere between the pop and rock worlds it is a mix of guitar-led rockers, lighter and more groovesome sonic slices and some chilled ballads. There is certainly something for everyone but despite its eclectic nature it all seems to hold together and sits comfortably underneath an umbrella signature sound.

Alien Invasion is a cool way to kick off, a sort of War of The Worlds reboot, moody and menacing narratives breaking up the slick guitar workouts. At the other extreme, Lost Souls is a smoother, more soulful slice and Modern World throws a bit of funk into the stadium rock sound.

It’s an interesting collection, one that seems to explore everything from the furthest reaches of space to the inner most soul-searching moments, which is both a personal sonic diary of thoughts and ideas and a relatable set of subjects. That’s a lot of ground to cover, but cover it he does.

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