Radio Station – The Insufferable Paul Scott (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When Paul Scott sings about a more innocent time on the title track of this latest e.p, it isn’t the usual tale of formative years, of idyllic summer days spent running through the long grass, of first love, or of distant, childhood memories. His reflections are of days spent running through the airwaves on his radio, of his first loves which came in the guise of alternative music and of then trying to find that music in the record stores. No internet, no Shazam…almost no information. Something that people of a certain age understand only too well. The kids today, they don’t know they are born.

It kicks off a cool clutch of songs which mix power-pop with slightly psychedelic moves, shimmering guitars with wonderfully retro vibes. The Collapse sounds like post-punk music if it had been made in the late 60’s…presumably making the Summer of Love the punk explosion…I must admit that I haven’t really thought this through and The Golden Calf is a hushed and hazy swan song wonderfully untethered to any obvious genre.

Insufferable? Anything but! I think he makes rather pleasant sonic company. 

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