Breeze – One Less Guest (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blending tasteful, not to mention soulful, touches of jazz with driving, funk-infused grooves, seamless changes of pace, violins playing the part usually reserved for the guitar and mellifluous melodicism, Breeze is a gorgeous and unique song. One which goes out of its way to remind us that jazz isn’t a dirty word, that funk can chill out when it wants and that soul music comes in many forms.

I guess that is the problem with genres, they come loaded with expectations and sonic baggage. Breeze swerves all such cliches and instead weaves and blends music as it sees fit. The result is a song which cherry-picks the best ideas from many sonic quarters, which displays some intricate playing and unexpected twists and turns but which ultimately works because it connects wonderfully with the listener. It seems to cut out the head and also the heart, perhaps seeing them only as middle-men, and instead talks directly to the one which matters… the soul. 

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