Quando Quando Quando – Doug Ferony (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s fair to say that the life of a modern-day music writer is filled with variety. One moment you are trying to capture the atmospherics of a fragile helping of ambient of dream-pop, the next you are putting pen to paper on behalf of an epic symphonic metal concept album. So it comes as no surprise when the latest release from Doug Ferony drops into the inbox in the form of a cover of that nostalgic pop standard, Quando Quando Quando.

Any artist attempting a cover can take one of two routes. Either, they can try to put their own stamp on it, make it their own, offer it a new lease of life, or they can remain faithful to the original. Thankfully Ferony opts for the latter path, and why wouldn’t you, it’s Bossa Nova-pop perfection!

Ferony has the perfect voice to tackle such an iconic song and his dulcet tones would be right at home anywhere in the last 70 years. The musical composition which sits behind him also helps to set the tone perfectly. Doug Ferony is in good company here, the song having been covered by everyone from Pat Boone to Engelbert Humperdinck to Michael Buble and from Cliff Richard to Emila “Mother of Dragons” Clarke! It is safe to say that his faithful rendition sits comfortably amongst such illustrious names.

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