Nightmares – Rumbo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music which owes its origins to the hip-hop scene of the early 70’s, which is essentially everything which can be loosely termed urban music, has always worn its heart on its sleeve. Plus, there has always been a central duality in its message. It is music from the streets dealing with the tough grind of just getting through the day whilst at the same time it has juggled dreams of a better life, of the heights of fame and the trappings of fortune. It is essentially what Oscar Wilde described as being “…in the gutter but looking at the stars.”

Nightmares is an album built on such a duality. Across trap beats and hip-hop grooves, slow jams and fast-salvos of urban pop, sultry R&B vibes and rap-attacks, Rumbo dreams big whilst simultaneously trying to just get through the day.

Tax Free is a vision of the future put to skittering trap beats, Politics is a slow-groove tale of life on the street and My Plate is a spacious and atmospheric piece of chill-hop.

You have to have a plan, you have to know where you are going, you have to dream. Not everyone turns that into a personal musical manifesto but Nightmares is exactly that.

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