I guess if you wanted any further proof that the world is a small place and that cultural influences and musical inspirations are free to tumble around and cross-pollinate at will, creating new, unique, hybrid sonic forms, then 3P1C H1D3R is it. Pshyche is a wonderful mix of  sounds and styles, genres and geography, a blend of eastern vibes and western dance rhythms, relentless beats and psychedelic infusions, cutting edge sonics and ancient spirituality…not what you expect to be emanating from the clubland dancefloors.

This wonderful blend of east meets west, old meets new, orient meets occident, forward thinking technology and ancient emotions is the perfect summation of the world we find ourselves in today, a place where even the euphoric, hedonistic energy of the dance world resonates with so much history, where a underground club track becomes a musical essay about the merging of culture, where beats become a road map around the world and where the past takes root in the here and now. Who knew that the nightclub could become such an amazing classroom for those who chose to listen properly?

3P1C H1D3R did, that’s who!

3P1C H1D3R · Pshyche

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