Paid  – Capo Corleone (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music doesn’t have to always concentrate on the more serious aspects of life, sometimes it is enough to dwell on its simple pleasures. In fact, music is generally better when it sticks to such a brief, when it remains relatable and fun, it becomes something that the mainstream can revel in rather than aim at more niche markets.

Paid is exactly that, a song that everyone can get on board with. It celebrates that feeling of picking up your pay check and, for a while at least, having that sense of freedom that comes with having a little extra money in your pocket. Capo Corleone buzzes through the lyrics with a sense of euphoria, that spring in his step being readily heard in his lyrical flow too. Responsibility and bills can wait, for now he is going to breeze through the scene armed with his new found liberty and freedom.

Music should reflect the lyrics that they are delivering and there is something about the bounce and buoyancy of this song which neatly conveys that payday power trip perfectly.

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