Pretty Boy – Gabi The Artist (ft. Freck Face Lauri)  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You could make an argument for pop music, in any and all of its various forms, having become a bit stale of late. Pop’s bubble seems to have burst, R&B has mislaid its dancing shoes, dance floor anthems appear to have lost their voice somewhat  along the line and the musical well once overflowing with tunes that used to provide the sugar rush and euphoric hit for a night out or a house party, seems to have dried up. With the arrival of Gabi The Artist onto the scene, it is an argument that is getting harder to make, for she seems to be the shot in the arm that modern mainstream music has been waiting for.

Firstly Gabi The Artist is actually a collaboration between Gabi herself and the collective talents of Philly Bada Boom and Frandy Codes and together they weave together various musical strands into a new, fresh take on pop music, but pop music which is both ripe for mainstream mass consumption whilst retaining an edgy, underground vibe…the perfect balance between cult and commerciality.

And Pretty Boy is just that. Picking up Freck Face Lauri along the way they mix pop infectiousness with classic R&B grooves, the cool urban vibes you’d expect from a New Jersey based pop posse with rapped interludes, sunshine melodies and sassy sonic street smarts. Pop has often been seen as the less cool, younger sibling of indie, rock or hip-hop but Pretty Boy is a reminder that there is a way of making such music without following the existing rules particularly closely or pitching to the lowest common denominator. Don’t pander to the crowds, its your platform after all.

And far from pandering to the people and following what has come before, giving people exactly what they want, instead this is year zero pop, a chance to start again, re-write the rulebook, follow instincts rather than tradition. And if that means hopping a few generic fences to find the inspiration that you need, then so be it. If only more artists were this willing to go it alone perhaps music would be in a better state today. Well, at least this sounds like nothing less than the start of a fight back. Forget musical evolution, this is the rallying cry to a whole new pop revolution, and as revolutions go it looks like it is going to be the most fun one in history.

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