The eponymous Vincent seems to pursue many diverse and cool interests and describes himself as many things. The one I like the best is “Chill Music Farmer,” which is the perfect description of the sounds he makes when he has his musical hat on.

Vincent Projects is an album of exotic EDM, odd and ambient in places, occasionally more beat-driven but always erring on the side of the chilled. Instrumental (save for the odd spoken word sample) and aimed at that post-club, early hours comedown, it offers beguiling threads of music which wash like waves through the listeners’ consciousness.

There are moments of gentle drift, such as the opening track Carousel, and glitchy interludes, such as Halloser, which rides across electronic crescendoes and surfs dynamic throughs with equal grace. There are beat-driven numbers such as Carbon Planet. But Vincent never pushes into too bombastic realms, even pursuing more conventional musical structures. And then there is the strange and futuristic title track which rounds things off, which on occasion sounds as if a computer had been programmed to write its own chill-out dance tune. The perfect interface between man and machine. Maybe that is something that the future holds for us.

This is a fantastic vision of one particular chilled dance floor future. One where the music industry has collapsed into a pile of profit and conformity and rogue bands of music makers and creatives are left to pick up the pieces and become the natural source of the soundtrack to our downtime grooves and clubland adventures. It is an ever-changing future, free of fad or fashion and most of all unconcerned with shifting units, as they call it, or riding bandwagons. Doesn’t that sound like the future we want to leave behind us?

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