There seem to be two sides to Montreal’s Alien Okram. The first, as expressed by the album My World, is one of the understated and melodic dance instrumentals. The other, which raised its head on Transmission I, seems to come from a more challenging and experimental mindset. This eponymous album has more in common with the former than the latter and is a wonderfully smooth, beat-driven, consistent and accessible collection of joyous EDM.

That said, this is Alien Okram, so things aren’t going to be too conforming, but you could easily imagine the music playing in the coolest and more exclusive underground dance clubs. There are exquisitely chilled moments such as the spacious and funky High Fly, and there are tracks such as Cosmos with its shuffling beats and relentless dance groove though still not what you would call imposing or unduly in your face. There is even room for the more confident and slightly less unconventional sound of The Night.

Alien Okram proves that their world is exactly what they make of it. There is no hint of following trends or surfing zeitgeists here, though the music is nothing if not accessible, with just the right amount of off-beat adventurousness. Some music follows what has gone before, and some leads the way. Alien Okram makes music which falls into the latter category, that’s for sure.

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