There is something of a culture clash at the heart of the music that Clay Fulton makes. On the one hand, there is something very much American about the overall shape and style of their music. On the other, there is a big, chiming, wall of guitars at the heart of songs like Little By Little which sound like something that originated in the ’80s, post-punk England…or better still, found on an album by The Church.

Back To Bruge heads down a more homespun, heartland rock sort of sound, the sort of song that Tom Petty would have given his right arm for and the title track is an understated and seductive number, showing the band’s versatility.

As an album it is neither of the here-and-now nor in the past, isn’t quite from around these parts (as they say) nor totally alien. It’s an album of complexity and complement. It’s flippin’ great!

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