It’s a big song and no mistake. A song that seems to be composed out of great slabs of cinematic, widescreen guitars but which uses other riffs and finger-picked cascades to create drive and detail. The result is a beast of a melodic rock tune. Throw in some piano, a dynamic breakdown so that you can spring back into action to dramatic effect, stick your boot on the monitor and adopt some low-slung, cool as **** poses and you have everything that rock and roll is, has ever wanted to be and will ever aspire to.

Little By Little also has a job to do. It is here to tease the crowd and test the water ahead of the new album Positive Numbers and on the strength of what I have just heard, it is an album to sit up and take notice of, it is an album that is going to kick arse and cut the mustard (as we say in this neck of the woods), more importantly, it is an album that you are going to need to buy. Not want…NEED!


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