Place Like This – London Thor (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Understatement is a very powerful tool. In fact in the noise and bombast of the modern world, it is probably the most powerful one of all. After all, who is going to notice just one more shout in a sea of voices? Fewer people than will be drawn to a moment of calm and serenity, I suspect.

And that is the ethic behind London Thor’s latest release. Musically, she mixes gentle pop vibes and EDM ambience, atmosphere and the all-important understatement, to build a platform for her message. And the message is a very poignant one. Place Like This talks of being alone in a crowd, of the challenges faced by many in everyday social settings and the stress and anxiety that such seemingly straightforward scenarios bring on.

Everyone wears masks to hide what they might see as failings, especially social ones, meaning that even those who seem confident and popular are sometimes just actors in a play they call My Life. Place Like This is not only a rallying cry, an anthem for those of us who find such situations difficult but, with perfect timing, will also come as something of a comfort for those trying to deal with the new, though anything but normal, strains put on their mental outlook by lockdown.

It’s all very well shouting from the rooftops, everyone seems to be doing that these days. Where London Thor succeeds is that her song whispers its message intimately in the ear of the listener in quiet, calm and controlled tones making it, brilliantly, unavoidable.

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