Hummingbird – The Lost Trades (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can hear the echo of decades of folk music in the latest single from The Lost Trades. It has always been a genre which has revelled in the use of the voice as an instrument as well as a method of lyrical communication, and that, like many of their songs, is what Hummingbird is built on.

But they are also very much a band of the here-and-now and whilst, on paper at least, this is a song which could have been birthed in any previous era, in reality, it is very much the sound of the genre in its present form. It might lean more to the band’s more traditional influences rather than the infectious folk-pop moves that they manage to bring to many of their songs, but it brings those sonic traditions bang up to date too.

And like a lot of the folk canon, it is the vocals which dominate, reducing the instruments to very much a support role, the bass and guitar chords acting merely as punctuation and the charming and chiming glockenspiel adding a brief and passing melody.

You can only do such a style justice if you know how to mix, match and merge the vocals. Thankfully that is perhaps The Lost Trades most defining feature. That and an unhealthy addiction to hats.

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