Photo –  Chrissie Romano Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Photographs are powerful things. We carry around all sorts of ideas about how we feel about people, especially those we have lost, but sometimes it isn’t until we are confronted with an actual image that our real feelings come to the fore. That is the starting point for this latest single from Chrissie Romano Band and from there it explores the idea of everyday reminders of those who we have lost. A whiff of familiar perfume on the street, reminiscent handwriting, and a host of other unexpected sensual jolts to the memory.

It’s a sweet song, a realistic song, a relatable song. It’s also a song that fits neatly into the more discerning end of the acoustic folk-pop bracket but also has the clean lines and wonderful accessibility that could easily see it shift copies in no small amount. If you are a fan of the likes of Amy McDonald or the goddess-like (my words not hers) K T Tunstall then this is a song, and indeed an artist, that you are going to take to your heart without hesitation.

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