Rock and roll has served us well for many a decade now and sometimes its direct and uncluttered nature is all you need. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for proggy shenanigans, intricate, mathy indie tunes and clever dance beats if the mood takes me but I do come from a foot-on-the-monitor, garage rock sort of place. Not that Devil at The Crossroads is merely a rehash of what has gone before, its better than that but you can certainly see its family tree, what its influences are and I could probably have a good stab at telling you what’s in Seth’s record collection.

Rock music endures, it evolves, not quickly but enough to move with the times and here we have the sound of modern indie-rock getting acquainted with the more classic, harder rock sound but done so in a wonderfully understated sort of way. It rocks, is built with intensity and a sort of deadpan melody but still has inherent groove. 

Garage rock for a mainstream audience? DIY metal remembering that the simplest approach is often the best? Underground rock and roll for the more discerning listener? Wonderfully engaging music made on a budget? Well, its all those things really and as a stark contrast to the technical metal screamers or the big, anthemic poodle haired, fist in the air brigade, this is wonderfully gritty, brilliantly dark and superbly original. I mean you can see where it gets its ideas from, but we have never expected rock music to be ground breaking or massively innovative, but within the scheme of things you won’t have heard anything quite like it coming from the rock fraternity in recent times and that is what makes it such a welcome song.

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