My first taste of Vertacyn Arc Materializer was the odd and eccentric alt-pop meets electronica of Nicotine Chewing Gum. And you would have thought it would have braced me for the additional ten tracks that go with it to make up the album Phlodd. Well, in my defence. You could never be prepared for the strange journey the album takes you on.

From the downtempo, melancholic waltz which kicks things off, to the fey and floating warped singer-songwriter sounds of The Slip, Slip, Slip which rounds things off, it is a strange trip. One of adventurous and non-conformity, experimentation and sonic invention, bizarre twists, cool turns, accessible melodies and challenging sounds. In short, it’s like an anagram of pop music, a taste of what the genre could be if people really threw away the rule book.

I’m not sure what is going on sometimes, but I know that I really like it, and that is the only real test, don’t you think?

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