An exciting conundrum sometimes occurs in music reviews, one caused by language barriers. Not being a Spanish speaker, the lyrics of this upbeat and joyous song are lost on me. I could only garner a little information about the artists behind it, that it is a collaboration between renowned Cuban and Peurto Rican musicians and singers.

But, what, in most other industries, would be a problem, actually become a bonus. Without the influence of any solid information, as a writer, all I have to work with is the music itself, and I can focus, unswayed on that.

And it is all I need, as so much is going on here. A Salsa beat guides the track, a sweet and sensual groove through which the collective voices dance whilst breezy brass fills the air. It is infectious and celebratory, fun and full of life and even though the exact nature of the lyrical content is lost on me (my fault for not being better versed in language), you can’t help but love the song, even to the point that you find yourself joining in the various choruses and additional harmonies.

It just goes to show that in a world filled with both language and music, it is music which is the more powerful and connective of the two.

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