Eric Scott has shared stages with the great and good of the music scene from Mavis Stables to Roger Waters and can regularly be found as bassist and vocalist for award winning blues and jazz artist Deanna Bogart. It’s safe to say that he moves in some rarified circles and can turn his hand to any sound or style that the job at hand requires. That would be enough for most people. Not Eric Scott. When he is not rubbing shoulders with rock and pop royalty he writes and produces his own albums, 4 to date, with Peace Bomb and the titular, and soon to follow Scene of The Crime acting as a taster and teaser for number five.

When he is left to his own devices he opts for a smart blend of chilled, soulful rock, pop-aware R&B and cool jazz licks, walking a sure-footed line between integrity and accessibility, cool outsider vibes and the ability to push his music into a more commercial place. It’s like he has worked out the formula of how to make music which has mass appeal without losing any of the deftness and delicacy, artistry and ornateness that maintains his appeal to the more discerning music fan. If he could bottle that and sell it, he would make a fortune.

But I guess even if such a route were open to him, he wouldn’t take it, he’s having too much fun doing what he does and that is pretty obvious from the music he makes. Peace Bomb is one of those rare songs which blends rock sense with pop sensibility and that is something which you don’t stumble across every day. 

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