Feeding – The Sad Song Co. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s been a tough year, that’s for sure and most news coming out of the music and arts sector these days is rarely good. But the way to get through it is to look to the future and try to find the silver linings. They are always there if you look hard enough. So the announcement that Nigel Powell is parting company with Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls after 14 years of holding down drum duties, is understandably not what a lot of people need to hear right now, but the silver lining is that he is doing so to concentrate on his own music. And more music from The Sad Song Co. can only be a good thing, for sure.

Even better he has announced that 22nd January will see the launch of a new album, Saudade, and as a teaser and a taster for the new album has released Feeding. A poignant, political and perfectly timed song, it channels a fever-dream where his subconscious conjured images of “a powerful, orange man who inherited great wealth and power, and uses it to buy the key to immortality” into a gorgeous slice of electronic, alt-pop.

Here he has taken his melancholic, chamber-pop sound and pushed it through a filter of experimental electronica, abstracted sonic textures and perhaps slightly unexpected time-signatures, perfectly blending soulfulness, experimentalism and chilled dance moves into a wilfully off-kilter vibe.

Change is inevitable, even when it is hard to get used to, but Feeding is the sound of the world moving on, of new directions being considered, of new creative paths being trod, of the promise of great music to come.

The doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

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