PREMIERE: Parsons Rocket Project debut EP

a1995128190_16With all those textured and ambient sonic dreamscapes that seemed to go hand in hand with the explosion of the small independent record labels back and riding high in the modern zeitgeist, Parsons Rocket Project are the perfect band for the moment. They both pull nostalgic heartstrings and point the way towards a bright new dawn and their self-titled debut e.p. is the perfect record for these post-genre times.

Out on New Texture label today, these Atlanta sonic dream-weavers and space cadets thread post-punk threads through drifting washes and walls of guitar effects to narrate a chilled space–opera story line. It chimes with 60’s psychedelia, 70’s prog, 80’s shoegaze and more contemporary ambient indie and nu-gaze that later referenced those stalwart scenes.

The e.p. is less a concept album, more an album of concepts, ones that fit together sonically and lyrically to take us on an adventure both physically and in a more metaphysical sense. Through analogy and actuality it takes us far out into space and then back into the very depths of our own heart. It builds tension and texture though synth washes and a clash of guitar gorgeousness and jarring dissonance, the beauty and the beast joined as one.

But not only is this a journey in the narrative sense, sonically they collect, harness and alchemise genres, shift moods and subvert expectations and constantly evolve, not only from one track to the next but within the songs themselves.

In short, this is the sound of shoegazers become stargazers.


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