New Music of the Day – CCXII: Joy To The Girl – Nick Black

20245475_1564887303562305_1359988134592340101_nWell, if that isn’t the feel good hit of the summer I’d like to know what is! As earnest heroes of indie crank out earnest indie songs, rockers master their clichéd poses and pop divas suggest pointless dance routines which everyone will have given up on by next week, Nick takes a simpler approach.

Simple, infectious, joyous abandon…. pop-soul style. How can you not like this guy, he makes great videos, doesn’t take himself seriously and is obviously having a lot of fun. Even without the video it’s a real earworm of a song, try getting that chorus out of your head once you have heard it.

Sassy, funky, groovesome, fun, frivolous and flippin’ great. I’m sure that the guy is many leagues down a very successful career path but there is part of me that really wishes that the place in the video is somewhere that he works part time…you know just between national tours and winning awards.


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