Panic Attack – Doozer McDooze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What’s this? A dulcet and delicate slice of considered acoustic pop from Mr McD? Tish. Tish. Tish. Tish. Boom! Ahh..there it is and were off down a more punky-acoustic-frantic-folky-rant-a-thon…and why not? He does it so well. But even when he is letting off steam in such a raw and raucous fashion, the music is never less than fun and in fact as soon as you hear Panic Attack properly kick in it is hard not to cast your mind back to images of mosh pits and beer stained venue floors, sonic hi-jinx and drunken celebration…it all seems so long ago now (sad face emoji.)

Panic Attack is the sound of hope over adversity, the sound of trying to just get by, the sound of living your own life in the face of looming conformity, the sound of navigating the modern world, finding that you might not live up to its expectations and being okay with the fact. It is the sound of, as none other than John Lennon once said, “Whatever gets you through the night!”

If you find that modern life is indeed rubbish…find another life! Simple. (Okay, far from simple but perhaps necessary.)

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