New Music of the Day – CLVII: The F**k You Dance – The DoozerBird Project

16265697_10158206773680038_9142630797405456447_nWe all know that the Internet hardly ever reaches even a fraction of its potential. A mechanism that could be used to spread knowledge, instigate debate and make humanity better connected has been reduced to porn searching and anonymously throwing insults about. How do you respond to that? Well, Doozer McDooze and his illustrious sidekick The Famous Artist Birdy Rose have approached it in their own inimitable way – shrug, give it the big “whatever” raise a digit to the digital and put it all to song.

On a serious note though, cyber-bullying ruins peoples lives just as much as its physical world equivalent, so help spread the message and share the video. In these strange and darkening times we need to remember that music is an effective conduit for sending messages, for social comment and dealing with important issues. Get on the case people.

(PS: Extra points for having Margaret Atwood on the bookshelf)

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