Our Love is Beautiful – Ethan Gold (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The more that our societies, our countries, our world seems to be hell-bent on tearing itself apart, the more people are reacting to such divisions by random acts of love and unity in an effort to repair the damage and bring people back together. It seems that just when you need such community warriors, such every-day heroes, people to help remind us what we are in danger of losing, they seem to magically come along. Ethan Gold is just such a person.

Our Love is Beautiful is a lovely, lilting piece of upbeat acoustica and great as its soothing tones, its delicate textures and occasionally more dominate vibes is, it is really all about the message. Don’t get me wrong, its a great song, but it is a brilliant, not to mention, poignant and perfectly timed message. As always, the communication is at its most effective when it is at its simplest and the simple message here is that love, love for each other, love for our communities, love of the world and its people as a whole is the most beautiful thing. But then you probably got that from the title.

It seems as if it shouldn’t need saying but as cultures clash, as political ideas rage against each other, as we forget the simple truths in a blaze of misplaced indignation and media stoked aggression, we seem to be forgetting some very basic truths. We are all the same race, we are all related, we occupying the same galactic address in an otherwise empty (at time of writing) universe, why wouldn’t we want to get along? We are all we have!

And as a visual reminder, Ethan Gold has put together a video with hundreds of people from all manner of cultures, countries and creeds helping him to sing this vital message of change, of love, of celebration of life and our fellow man and the hope for a new better future. That might seem like a lot to ask but all you have to do is change the way you personally view the world. If enough people were brave enough to do that, then that new world we are chasing would be right there, evolving before our eyes. It’s that easy!

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