How Do I Begin – Chuckola (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If ever there was a time for reflection, it is now. Of the many devastating events taking place in the world, none has united us in grief and fear more than the current pandemic. Rarely does something effect us on such a global scale, leaving its mark in every country, every community, every part of society regardless of culture, colour or creed. And if the effects of such an event are exceptional, the response to it has been exceptional too. We have seen communities come together to support each other, we have witnessed spontaneous acts of kindness and we have seen people turn to the arts, particularly music, to express themselves and in doing so hopefully help others by putting our collective feelings into words.

How Do I Begin is Chukola’s own act of reflection, an attempt to capture the emotions and empathy as a song, to create something that we can all relate to and hopefully help with our own healing process . It is a gentle ballad, one built from heart-aching piano and delicate strings, the perfect combination of instrumentation and space, just enough to frame the vocals as they drip with loss and longing and try to make sense of what we are all going through.

Music can be many things, light relief, a rallying cry, a way of letting off steam, a gentle soundtrack to a night in but it is perhaps at its most powerful when it unites us and acts as a conduit for our collective thoughts and memories. That is exactly what is going on here.

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