As This Time kicks in, as the opening sixties coffee house folk vibes are subsumed by some more modern, full band acoustica, you realise that you have stumbled across something really special here. And any worries that this is a front-loaded album and that the quality might wane after the opening salvo of three gorgeous and classic-sounding tracks right off the bat, are put paid to with songs such as This Is For Someone which could fool even the most ardent folkies into thinking that it could be a long lost John Martyn track.

Eccentric Eyes is both engaging and energetic, Who Wasn’t Once subtle and understated and What I Wanted is both timeless and timely. Folk music has a dilemma, it needs to appeal to its many purists whilst finding a way to move with the times. In Nolen Sellwood, I think it has found a new champion to fight its cause.

Folk music, it would seem, is back on the menu!


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