You can’t accuse Daxton of sitting on his laurels when it comes to releasing albums. Seven since 2018’s In Verses is one hell of a work rate. But if the quantity of his output is impressive, it is nothing compared to the quality of the music. And Electric Satellite is another blast of electric and eclectic blues, taking in the grunt and groove of rock and the accessibility and melody of pop and using this to forge his own southern fried take on the genre. The twist being the south that he calls home is Sydney rather than Dixie.

But it would take a real aficionado to spot that he isn’t some sort of Texas troubadour or Mississippi minstrel, and why does it matter anyway? All that matters is the strength and excitement of the songs and they have that in no small amount.

Just a song like Otherside with its lilting beats or the title track itself with its relentless groove or the delicate slide work of Devil’s Train is enough to make you want to hear more, so pick up a copy now, you will not be disappointed.

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