There are times when you want to stick on some music that is soulful, subtle or sedate. Other times you might opt for something intricate and ornate. And then there are times when you just want to blow away a few cobwebs with some kick-arse rock and roll. On those occasions, you could do a lot worse than turn to Sons of Silver, not least because they have a new EP about to drop and it is packed full of groovy tunes and boogie bangers.

The opening single, Who’ssons Gonna Stop Us, we have heard before. We know it. We love…unless this is your first time giving it a spin in which case I will give you a few minutes to get up to speed. Right, are you ready? Okay, as openers go it is a doozy, heads-down-no-nonsense-mindless-rock and roll at its finest.

And then, having proven that they can hold their own in the realms of incendiary rock and roll, the sort of thing that The Stones would have killed for, Dog’s D’amour would have handed over the last of their drugs for and which The Wildhearts would have arm-wrestled you for, they set about spreading their wings and showing exactly how far they can push their own rock and roll boundaries.

ReEducations stomps and swaggers, With You is a scintillating ballad showing the band’s more seductive and sensitive side, Cause Of My Pain funks and grooves and Hesitate rounds things off in epic fashion, snarling and snappy, epic and awesome.

Rock music is often full of gimmicks and gizmos, studio tricks and production techniques. Ordinary Sex Appeal is a reminder that in the right hands it needs none of that, it just needs a band with the ability to write decent songs. And those found here are decent…more than that, they restore your faith in modern rock and roll. How cool is that?

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