Opens Her Eyes (Eyes Wide Open Remix) – Cienfue (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As part of the build up to the release of Cienfue’s latest album release, Life In The Tropics, Cienfue has released a new, remixed version of Opens Her Eyes. This new take on the track takes it in some wonderful new directions, mixing the strong reggae vibe with some dream-like synth washes, and sounds which draw on the artist’s Panamanian and Latin roots whilst displaying his alternative way of exploring such South American sounds.

But for all these, perhaps conflicting, musical treads, Cienfue manages to blend them into a cohesive, smooth yet groovesome sound, one which is both solid, confident and bristling with a pop aware energy yet which is cloaked in mediative and mysterious music.

It is a meeting of worlds in so many ways. Mainstream pop is drawn into more underground ideas, geographically specific sounds are opened up to a global market, it is a product of the modern world yet is shot through with more primal and seductive moments, it is the sound of the ever present, rich Panamanian jungles seeping through the studio technology to take root in Cienfue’s music. But above all, it is an engaging and beguiling slice of sublime sonics.

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