Fuck Love – Robert Illo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There are so many songs about people let down by their partners and lovers, and let’s face it, more often than not they are directed at a male antagonist being accused of having a wandering eye or not trying hard enough a relationship. So it’s nice to hear the other side of the story. Robert Illo has had enough, he’s put the effort in, been faithful, supportive, he’s been there when it mattered most and still he finds himself on the losing side of the deal. He’s been let down so badly it has even got him writing songs with such a stark and shocking message.

So now it is his time. Time to party, time to play, time to explore all the things he missed out on when he was doing the decent thing. His gentle, trap beat-driven, bass punctuated slice of alternative urban hip-pop is the sound of him getting everything off of his chest. It’s an unlove-letter, a sonic document of events from his side made all the more powerful because the music is merely a framework, a structure which highlights and heightens the vocals and the message.

It’s a song which redresses the balance, which reminds us that there are still some good guys out there and if you are lucky enough to find one, don’t assume that they will always be there. Life, love and relationships are two-way streets…that’s worth remembering.

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