I’ve probably said it before (I’m too lazy to check, it’s been a tough week), but Radio Drive walks a fine line. It is a line that runs between melody, accessibility and pop-awareness on one side and groove, drive and rock and roll attitude on the other. I Believe I Believe, which kicks off this latest 4-track collection, is the perfect example. It heightens the harmonies and fires off infectious riffs when it wants to charm. When it wants to groove, it sticks its foot on the monitor and offers salvos of swagger and rock and roll weight.

Moment to Moment sits in more pop territory, but by the time it has been layered up with string runs, big choruses and innovative dynamics, it seems to sit in the same territory that the likes of ELO used to call home. Be Yourself Tonight is rock playing like a bonafide pop band, or vice versa. Either way, it is the best of both worlds.

Don’t You Know brings all the above elements together in one final hurrah and perfectly puts the EP to bed.

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