They say, “Those that can, do. Those who can’t, teach,” Thankfully, we have artists such as Jenn Connor who are happy to blow such silly and outdated notions clean out of the water. Not only a teacher but the purveyor of some of the finest and most infectious pop music you will have heard in a long time.

The secret seems to be that, unlike most of her pop contemporaries, for her, it is all about the music rather than making herself the center of attention. It explains why it has been a while since her critically-acclaimed single – Like I Did, some four years ago. Her focus has been on developing others’ talents rather than promoting her own.

But she is back, and Insecurities is both sweet and sassy, accessible to all ages, thoroughly infectious, and an obvious contender for every chart and award in the pop music community. The lesson here is simple – You don’t have to make it all about yourself! Take note, people.

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