11222306_901156693255279_6635920733823731075_nIt takes a certain type of band to make music that is as expressive, emotive and engaging as the most eloquent of lyrics and create vocal deliveries what are as elegant and fluid as the instrumentation behind it. It takes a band like Halo Tori. When the age old argument of which is more important the words or the music rages around you, just play those throwing the same old clichés around this album, roles are reversed or at least interchangeable, music speaks and vocals soar, lyrics become half muted riffs and guitar lines become poetry.

Halo Tora are a band who seem to emerge from the dystopian wreckage of a catastrophic collision between very expressive rock genres. Alt-rock provides the power that drives the band, progressive rock the byzantine complexities and subtle changes that form the structure and post-rock the soaring soundscape that cocoons the songs. And as power is harnessed by beauty and wistful interludes balance aggressive workouts what emerges is an album that covers so many bases but still retains its integrity and identity. This is a band to watch out for.

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