Dead of Night – E.B.U. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

EBUI love music that seems set on throwing spanners in works, looks to confound listeners, tear up rule books, music that evokes clichés whilst being the furthest from any cliché itself. Dead of Night, if I can try to put it into words, is a wonky mix of late night jazz lounge vocals and glitchy electronica, a warped slice of times past that seems to have found itself being covered by a band in the far future. Maybe this is what the Cantina band in Mos Eisley Space Port (or Figrin D’an and The Modal Nodes for all the geeks out there) sound like around closing time. It is sensual and unsettling, hypnotic and off-kilter, so wrong and just so right at the same time. The first listen might find you dismissing the song as an ill-conceived attempt to fuse too many disparate musical threads, but you will play it again….and again. First out of bemusement, then out of intrigue, and then constantly out of love for the strangeness of the song and your brain will never work the same way again.

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