Ok Boomer –  David Schipper (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s amazing how quickly a phrase becomes a meme, a meme a cliche, a cliche and accepted addition to the language. And anything that moves that quickly is obviously the perfect title for a song and the perfect subject matter to explore. It’s even better when the person behind the music is also the target of the phrase in question, self-deprecation is always a worth quality.

In such an entrenched time it would be easy to get all defensive and use such a song to point fingers, moan, attack and generally add to the drab discourse of discord. Thankfully, David Schipper is smarter than that and his song, presented in his typical, low key demo form (displaying an understanding that it is all about the music not the marketing) is both him letting out some of the anguish that he feels towards the world today and a slightly tongue in cheek poke at his own generation. And you could argue, and I will argue, that it is such an approach which actually helps to build bridges. Rather than taking up an unwavering position which seems to infect modern social dialogue (see also Trump, Brexit etc) he reminds us that we are all victims of a world we are unwittingly shaping, one social media snipe at a time.

His Dylan-esque approach is the perfect style for a song weaving together such weight, lyricism, social comment and humorous parody. Sometimes the most serious issues are more effectively communicated through such fine balance of the sublime and the ridiculous. The funny little notes that accompany the video are a gorgeous little touch of further self-deprecation. 

Not only a great blend of subversiveness and silliness but a very important point to be made and somehow the low-res approach to everything seems to make it all the more real and effective. Less obviously is more. So much more.

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