The Blueberry Moon – Jim Chorley (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Folk is a big word. Okay, not physically big but the connotations of such a label are certainly broad having to take in traditional, Arran sweater sporting, finger in the ear folkies through indie re-inventions to the dream-like folk-pop of the modern age. And whilst Jim Chorley’s latest release certainly echoes with a 60’s sensibility and a traditional folk format, it also feels perfectly up to date, music for the here and now. A nod to the past perhaps but a modern slice of music too…the best of both worlds.

But like all the best music it isn’t the labels, the technicalities, the mechanics which make a song work or not, it is the effectiveness and the engagement. Blueberry Moon is a very engaging song indeed. It is woven out of fairly straight down the line acoustic guitar deliveries, deftly picked and spaciously delivered, and employs some very emotive strings but the charm of the song goes even beyond that. It is gorgeously romantic, wonderfully heartfelt and the room around the vocals makes you realise what a great voice Jim has. And that is the icing on the already sumptuous sonic cake.

Songs like this don’t change the world, it’s not their job,  but they certainly make it a much better place to live in and who can ask more than that?

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