Ocean Escape – Jamie Neave (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is at its best when it becomes one with its subject matter, when it evokes the very essence of the thing it I trying to describe. To do so the sonic platform being built should reflect and embrace the lyrics it supports or in the case of purely instrumental music, such as this, it is the music itself which does the talking, through mood, emotion and other such intangible communication. And that is what happens with Jamie Neave’s short, dexterous yet compelling piece, Ocean Escape.

Lyrics are not needed here, they would only cloud the issue, instead it is the combination of the space he allows himself and the shimmering cascades of notes he conjures which speaks volumes, although volumes is precisely the wrong word. But the scene being described, the gentle ebbs and flows of the current, the shimmer of the light on the water, the spirals of colour, the motions of cool undertows are writ large by the music.

As understated and spacious as the music is Jamie Neave uses the minimum of sonic brushstrokes and most opaque of hues to full effect, painting the scene like an adept water-colour artist, using the white of the canvas, in this case the space between the notes, to frame and underline his music. And in those moments the silence is deafening.


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