Corona Man – B Freed (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Silver linings are where you find them and if anyone is going to find the positive in all the negatives of the current lockdown it is B Freed. Always looking forward, always about the evolution, the learning curve, the chance to learn, here he welds some quite poignant questions to the sort of white-hot, boogie-blues-rock that probably has Marc Bolan tapping his feet and shifting around in 4/4 from his resting place.

The questions go like this. What is it we learn from these trouble times? What do we take forward with us, what will we appreciate more, what changes will we make to our lives based on recent experiences? If we just return to the way we did things before then we have gained nothing, if we come out of the other side with a small glimmer of enlightenment then perhaps we can use that knowledge to improve the world around us.

Or perhaps you just want to listen to some kick-arse, foot on the monitor, groove-laden, old-school rock and roll. And that’s fine too.

(now wash your hands!)

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