Nudists With Really Big Heads – The Blunderbuss Press (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


10982338_371705549701594_1361136219034329084_oHow can you not be intrigued by a song with such a Bonzo Dog-esque moniker as that? It’s always going to win out over any earnest and meaningful offering with the words love or baby in its title. So a walk along the beach with an imaginary friend and an encounter with the titular Nudists and the aftershocks of such a meeting. Why not, if you have made it this far you have already come a certain way down the rabbit hole so why not accept the whole acid tripping narrative. Drink the potion, take the blue pill, wake up and find that it was all a cheese induced dream.

Musically we are on safer territory, a blend of Old World alt-folk and New World Americana that leaves a strange post-punk taste in the mouth. The whole thing spat at you with a certain amount of distain but balanced by some lovely reverbing and resonant guitar work bubbling underneath the melody line.

The single comes with a remix by Jonnie Common, which seems to wander off into its own strange psychedelic dream but then what did you expect?

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