Goodbye – Equinox – feat. Dementio 13 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

equinox-goodbye-coverSome music is easily placed, its nature, function and inspirations are worn very visibly on its sleeve. And then there is music which inhabits more interesting spaces, where its nature is more fluid, the purpose less defined, music like that of Equinox’s Goodbye.

Raising from a barely perceptible sound to a dark, ambient drone, the music takes the form of a slow wave of emotion made audible as a spoken word elegy narrates the same reflective inner feelings. All sort of references to krautrock and radio workshop experiments spring to mind, but none of them really sit too close to be useful as a guide. . It is music, of sorts, but it is a perfect example of what music can become if you redefine the boundaries. There is an almost inhuman quality to it, the sound of music generated in the dark recesses of a computer, a ghost in the machine attaining self awareness and writing it’s own dark dirge.

Okay, you aren’t going to be playing this as you get glammed up to go out on a Saturday night, but this is music that signals other possibilities and reminds us that most of the boundaries in music are set by the imagination, music where the form is as important as the actual end result. Music as art, music as exploration…if that doesn’t sound too pretentious.


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